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Showing 41–60 of 533 results

Find inspiration in new knitting patterns

We can almost guarantee that you will find the perfect knitting patterns for your next knitting project here. Our selection is wide-ranging, and this means that there are recipes for a sea of different clothing items as well as recipes with the most beautiful patterns. And having said that, we have of course also made sure that there are knitting patterns for both seasoned and brand new knitters. You will therefore find recipes in several different degrees of difficulty - and of course also for several different types of yarn. See, for example, our Istex knitting patterns, our Navia knitting patterns and many, many other patterns with the most delicious yarn.

Knitting patterns for every yarn enthusiast

Our knitting recipes are therefore aimed at every knitting enthusiast and our recipes come from, among other things, some of the leading yarn brands on the market. They are absolutely excellent patterns that cater to every need, regardless of whether you are looking for knitting patterns for a cardigan, Hanne Rimmen knitting patterns or entire knitting books. With our large selection of recipes, you have plenty of opportunity to live out all your knitting dreams. You can improve yourself, you can get new, good ideas and you can knit clothes for yourself and your whole family that you can enjoy all year round.

Knitting patterns make your knitting more practical

Thus, if you buy your knitting patterns here from us, they contain all the knowledge you need to carry out a given project. Among other things, you will be told exactly how much yarn you need to make a given size, so that you neither buy too much nor too little. You will also be told which knitting needles you need and which colors of yarn you have to choose from. Some extremely popular recipes are our Navia recipes and our Istex recipes, which is why you can start by taking a closer look at them if you are in doubt about which recipes are most suitable for you and your taste.

Large selection of knitting patterns at

Here at, we therefore offer a large and not least exciting selection of knitting patterns for every knitting enthusiast. The range is wide-ranging, and for that very reason we can almost guarantee that you will find exactly what you are looking for here in our online shop. And if you also choose to buy the recipes here from us, we make sure that you always get a good offer along the way. This means you have plenty of opportunity to get started on your next knitting project, but without having to empty your entire wallet - and who doesn't want that? So finally go exploring in our large selection of knitting patterns on this page and find all your favorites already today!

Fantastic service and lightning fast delivery

At, we put a spotlight on the 'hot' in the Nordic knitting culture at the same time that we like to give away our best inspiration and knowledge. We absolutely love the endless possibilities and combinations that a large selection of yarn provides, and for that very reason we always make sure to have as wide a selection as possible. We also only want you to have a good experience when you shop for yarn with us. We are therefore always ready to help you, and if you have any questions about our large selection of knitting patterns for women, don't hesitate to contact us. You can give us a call on 28591412, or you can write us an email at - We are looking forward to hear from you!