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Showing 41–46 of 46 results

Environmentally friendly Alafoss Lopi yarn from Istex

Istex Alafoss Lopi is a light and environmentally friendly Icelandic quality wool yarn, which is one thread thicker than Lett lopi yarn. This means that this yarn has an extra warm effect and that it adds a nice light touch to your knitting. Alafoss Lopi yarn is also the only yarn from Istex that is available in tweed yarn variants. Alafoss Lopi is also suitable for felting and rolling knitwear. At Nordisk Garn, we are proud to be an Alafoss Lopi dealer, and this is also clearly reflected in our large selection of the delicious yarn. Explore the many beautiful colors and find all the ones that match your wishes and needs.

What can I create with the delicious Alafoss Lopi yarn?

Do you want to create a knit that has a dense and warm finish? Maybe because you want to use it in winter, when it's really cold? Then you can advantageously combine Alafoss Lopi yarn with Lett Lopi yarn from the same brand. This will create a finish that is exactly what you want. And this also means that the result will be extremely durable. For that very reason, you can also make interiors for your home with this yarn combination. Use it, for example, to knit beautiful blankets and cushion covers. However, you can also find a lot of other inspiration in the many Alafoss Lopi yarn recipes, if you have not already decided what your next knitting task should be.

Large selection of Alafoss Lopi yarn at

Here at we therefore offer a large and not least exciting selection of the delicious Alafoss Lopi yarn from Istex. The range is wide, and you will therefore also find the yarn in all the colors of the rainbow. This naturally means that you have plenty of opportunity to find the yarn in exactly the color that you would like to knit your next project in. And if you also choose to buy your Alafoss Lopi yarn here from us, we will make sure, that you always get a good offer on the road. This means you have plenty of opportunity to get off to a good start with your next knitting project, but without having to empty your entire wallet - and who doesn't want that? So finally go exploring in our large selection of Alafoss Lopi yarn on this page, and find all your favorites already today!

Fantastic service and lightning fast delivery

At, we put a spotlight on the 'hot' in the Nordic knitting culture at the same time that we like to give away our best inspiration and knowledge. We absolutely love the endless possibilities and combinations that a large selection of yarn provides, and for that very reason we always make sure to have as wide a selection as possible. We also only want you to have a good experience when you shop for yarn with us. We are therefore always ready to help you, and if you have any questions about our large selection of Alafosslopi yarn, do not hesitate to contact us. You can give us a call on 28591412, or you can write us an email at - We are looking forward to hear from you!