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What characterizes Lett Lopi yarn?

The fantastic Lett Lopi yarn from Istex is a typical wool yarn that is perfectly suited for creating warm Icelandic sweaters. It is yarn that gives full value, and it is therefore always a good and safe yarn choice. In addition, Icelandic yarn such as Lett Lopi is produced environmentally friendly in Iceland, and therefore if you choose to knit with this particular yarn, you can not only create delicious results - you can also give our environment a helping hand. Icelandic wool is a natural product that is completely adapted to the Nordic climate. This means that if you make a sweater from Lettlopi yarn, you can be absolutely sure that it can keep you nice and warm, regardless of what the Danish weather has to offer. If you also lack inspiration for your next knitting task, there are a multitude of different Lett Lopi patterns and knitting patterns that match this particular yarn perfectly.

Light Lopi yarn – why should I choose it?

There are many good reasons why you should knit a lovely sweater from Lett Lopi yarn. Not only are you making an environmentally friendly choice, but you are also choosing yarn that offers the following properties:
• Breathable
• Water repellent
• Insulating
And these are all properties that are absolutely perfect if you want to create a sweater that you can use both inside and outside. The yarn is composed of a unique combination of soft underwool and long coarse cover hairs. It is a combination that ensures that the yarn is both warm and light – and therefore sweaters made of this yarn are good for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, Lett Lopi yarn comes in a multitude of beautiful colours, which gives you the opportunity to create a sweater just according to your dreams. Create a beautiful plain knit or combine several different colors for a nice patterned knit - the choice is entirely up to you!

Large selection of Lett Lopi yarn at

Here at, we therefore offer a large and not least exciting selection of Lett Lopi yarn from the renowned brand, Istex. The range is wide, and you therefore have plenty of opportunity to find the yarn in exactly the colors that you dream of making a sweater in. And if you also choose to buy your yarn here from us, we make sure that you always get a good offer along the way. Thus, you have plenty of opportunity to create the perfect knit for yourself or someone you care about, but without having to spend a fortune on yarn - and who doesn't want that? So finally go exploring in our large selection of Lett Lopi yarn on this page, and find all your favorites already today!

Fantastic service and lightning fast delivery

At, we put a spotlight on the 'hot' in the Nordic knitting culture at the same time that we like to give away our best inspiration and knowledge. We absolutely love the endless possibilities and combinations that a large selection of yarn provides, and for that very reason we always make sure to have as wide a selection as possible. We also only want you to have a good experience when you shop for yarn with us. We are therefore always ready to help you, and if you have any questions about our large selection of Lett Lopi yarn, do not hesitate to contact us. You can give us a call at 28 59 14 12, or you can write us an email at - We are looking forward to hear from you!