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Showing 101–120 of 238 results

Nordisk Garn is a proud Istex yarn dealer

Istex yarn has been spinning knitting yarn in wool from Icelandic sheep since 1991 - and they have done it with great passion. Istex, like the wool they use, is from Iceland, and their qualities are carefully selected, and the quality of the yarn is therefore always what they value first. And one of the things that Istex yarn is particularly known for, in addition to the high quality, is that it creates results that radiate coziness and warmth - and we are absolutely delighted with that here at Nordisk Garn. On this page, we have therefore also collected a large selection of Istex yarn, which you can use when you want to create warm and cozy sweaters. In addition, on the webshop you will also find Istex recipes for those of you who need a little inspiration for your next project.

Why should I choose Istex yarn?

So are you absolutely crazy about the classic Icelandic knitting patterns? And do you also have a penchant for warm sweaters? Then Istex yarn is the right choice for you. You can choose from both Lettlopi yarn, Alafosslopi yarn and much, much more here on the webshop. Among the selection you will find a multitude of beautiful and authentic patterns and designs from Iceland, and you will also find Istex yarn in a sea of beautiful colours. It is yarn of the very highest quality and with a long shelf life, and this will also apply to the finished result. So knit a warm and cozy sweater in Istex yarn and enjoy it for many years to come - you won't regret it!

Large selection of Istex yarn at Nordisk Garn

Here at, we therefore offer a large and not least exciting selection of Istex yarn. The selection ranges widely, and for that very reason we can almost guarantee that you will find exactly the yarn you need for your next knitting project right here. And this applies regardless of which variant you dream of using, as well as which color is your favorite - we have just what you are looking for. And if you also choose to buy your Istex yarn here from us, we make sure that you always get a good offer along the way. Thus, you have plenty of opportunity to make the most beautiful and delicious home knitting, but without having to spend a fortune on yarn. So finally go exploring in our large selection of Istex yarns on this page and find all your favorites already today!

Fantastic service and lightning fast delivery

At, we put a spotlight on the 'hot' in the Nordic knitting culture at the same time that we like to give away our best inspiration and knowledge. We absolutely love the endless possibilities and combinations that a large selection of yarn provides, and for that very reason we always make sure to have as wide a selection as possible. We also want you to have a good experience when you shop for yarn with us. We are therefore always ready to help you, and if you have any questions about our large selection of Istex yarn, do not hesitate to contact us. You can give us a call on 28591412, or you can write us an email at - We are looking forward to hear from you!