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Hillesvåg Varde yarn is a fantastic type of yarn

The wool from the Norwegian fur sheep differs from the traditional Norwegian white sheep. The wool has a more exciting depth due to the many different light and dark wool fibres. In addition to having an exciting and eye-catching colour, Varde woolen yarn is always of good quality. You therefore not only get a beautiful and exciting product, but also a type of yarn that is of really good quality. It can therefore be used for many different knitting projects, where you decide how you want to use it. There are plenty of possibilities, so the only limits to what you can do are your imagination and creativity.

In addition to being of good quality, the wool is also environmentally friendly. It is manufactured in Hillesvågen, which is half an hour's drive north of Bergen in Norway. You are therefore not only buying a beautiful product, but also an environmentally friendly product, as it is manufactured as climate-friendly as possible. Hillesvåg yarn is therefore both good quality and climate-friendly, and it is therefore a good type of yarn to use for various projects where you need some yarn that is soft and nice to have close to the skin, while at the same time you can think that it is an environmentally friendly type of yarn.

A large selection of Hillesvåg Varde yarn

We have a large selection of products from Hillesvåg, which can help make your knitting adventure a lot more fun. Hillesvåg is synonymous with good quality, so you can be sure that the Varde woolen yarn that you get home is of a quality that we are proud to be able to negotiate. It's perfect for any knitting or crochet project and the result is always fantastic. Hillesvåg has supplied knitters with yarn for over 25 years, and their commitment to quality is evident every time you knit or crochet.

There is also nothing better than sitting in front of the television or on the sofa after a long day and knitting. It is pleasant, and you can spend many hours on your project, thereby achieving incredible joy when it is finished. It is therefore also becoming more and more popular, and there were many who started it during Covid-19. It is not without reason that many started knitting. So if you really want to spend many hours and go in depth with a project, you should knit with Hillesvåg Varde yarn.

Good customer service and fast delivery

When you buy your products from us, you can be sure that you will get good customer service. We are with you all the way through the purchase process, to ensure that you buy the right product for your needs. We know everything about yarn and especially Hillesvåg yarn, so you can always write or call our customer support if you have any questions. We will always try to help as best we can, and no problem is too big or too small for us, so just get in touch so you can get on with your business. We want all transactions to be as trouble-free as possible, and are therefore always happy to help.

In addition, we offer lightning-fast delivery of your yarn, so you can quickly get started on your next knitting project. You can expect your yarn to arrive within the next working day if you order before 14. We ship to all of Denmark, so no matter where in the country you are, a package can come your way. We look forward to processing your next order, and we are sure you will love Hillesvåg Varde yarn, just like many others do.