3 strands Knitting yarn Color card

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Color card Fivel

3-thread knitting yarn is a 3-thread carding yarn made from 100% Norwegian wool. With its 3 threads, this yarn is extremely hard-wearing and durable. 3-thread knitting yarn provides airy, warm and durable clothing. The yarn quality is mainly used for traditional sweaters and cardigans, but it is also suitable for solid color garments and structured knits. 3 strand knitting yarn is one of our oldest yarn qualities and has been with us since the beginning in 1927.

Yarn qualities in 100% wool provide clothing that warms and breathes even in humid conditions. This makes the clothes excellent for trips and activities, as well as for everyday use.

3-thread knitting yarn is produced at our factory in beautiful Romsdalen. Here we map, twist, spin, wash, dye and skein the yarn from 100% Norwegian wool. We are proud to be able to offer all-Norwegian products!

Norwegian wool is particularly characterized by good wear resistance, resilience and elasticity. Spun as a carded yarn, wool provides the ideal balance between functionality and comfort. The result is light, airy and user-friendly clothing with a long lifespan.

108 m / 50 g
Knitting tension: 22 m = 10 cm
Recommended stick size: 3.5