Fine wool trousers 422-3

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Fine wool trousers

The trousers are knitted from top to bottom. First, the waistband is knitted with a folded edge. Choose between knit in the waistband or drawstring. Continue in stockinette stitch with double crochets to make the trousers higher in the back. Then increase sts for the crotch, before the work is divided into 2 parts and the legs are knitted separately. It is folded on the inside of the leg down towards the knee, further increased to a small sling. The leg ends with an i-cord drop

The recipe is sold with my purchase of 3 skeins of yarn

You will find Finull here

Garment measurements (cm)

X Small Small Medium Large X Large XX Large 3X Large
Waist width 70 76 84 90 100 111 124
Gap width 88 94 102 106 116 125 136
Inside leg length 74 75 76 77 78 79 80

Yarn amount (grams)

X Small Small Medium Large X Large XX Large 3X Large
Fine wool – Camel brown – 4067 350 400 450 450 500 550 600