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100 g plate with a running length of 300 .

The knitting strength is only indicative, as there may be individual differences from knitter to knitter:

Needle 4.5 with a thread gives a knitting strength of 19 m. and 26 needles in stockinette stitch = 10 x 10 cm

Needle 5.5 with two threads gives a knitting strength of 14 sts and 19 needles in stockinette stitch = 10 x 10 cm


Plotulopi or also called Pladegarn is an unspun yarn that is very light. The yarn can be knitted with one or more threads and with Einband as a follower thread. Since the yarn is unspun, it can be easily pulled apart and therefore also very easily assembled again by zeroing the ends together.

Icelandic wool

The Icelandic wool from the spinning mill ISTEX is one of the favorites in my knitting basket. Istex buys the wool directly from the Icelandic farmers for the spinning mill. Here the wool is washed and dyed. A treatment that takes into account preserving the unique properties Icelandic wool has from nature. This makes Icelandic wool lighter than other wool products, and the wool's unique structure with an inner and outer fiber makes it both water-repellent and breathable.

The yarn is a really good quality and of course ideal for the classic Icelandic sweaters but also for warm cardigans, skirts, dresses, blankets or pillows. All the yarn types have a 'hot' color palette that suits every mood.