29-16 Alda in Létt Lopi

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Alda scarf knitted in Létt Lopi.
An overview of materials and knitting strength is at the bottom of the page

The recipe is sold with my purchase of 3 skeins of yarn

You will find Lett Lopi yarn here.

Fv A: 1409 garnet red 1 ngl
Fv B: 1410 orange 1 ngl
Fv C: 1414 dark purple 1 ngl
Fv D: 1402 light blue 1 ngl
Fv E: 1404 turquoise 1 ngl
Fv F: 9264 curry yellow 1 ngl
Fv G: 0054 light gray 1 ngl
Fv H: 1412 pink 1 ngl
Fv I: 9423 blue-green 1 ngl
Fv J: 1413 purple 1 ngl
Circular needle no. 4½, 60 cm