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About Nordic Yarn

Nordisk Garn is a woolen affair. The yarn in the shop is from sheep in Iceland and Norway, and therefore there is actually only wool on the shelves. You can always shop online in our online store and in our store. See the opening hours for the store at the bottom of this page.

Nordic yarn

In Nordisk garn, we put a spotlight on the 'hot' in the Nordic knitting culture, at the same time that we like to give away our best inspirations and knowledge.

The fascinating thing about knitting, for us, is the endless range of possibilities for combinations of knitting patterns, yarn qualities and colors. Therefore, there are always undiscovered variations that must be discovered and translated into a piece of knitting. It is what gives us renewed motivation and inspiration to knit every single day. Travels to Iceland and Norway have helped sharpen our knowledge and appetite for knitting in Nordic wool and with Nordic culture. In this way, the idea, the desire and the driving force for Nordisk Garn have grown.


The woman on the farm has many talents and skills. As a trained educator, she has a really good feel for people, and she has a sure eye for other people's needs, whether it's knitting or horse riding. Communication and helpfulness are some of Lillijan's top skills, and she is easy to understand. That is why it is easy for her to help, advise and guide others.

Horses and nature are connected, and the joy of nature lies deep in Lillijan's soul. She has a deep love both for the quieter in Denmark, but also for the wild in Iceland and Norway - and you can see that in her sweaters.


Anders lives on the farm and takes care of Nordisk Garn on a daily basis. You will meet Anders in our physical store, on the phone and everything related to orders and mail online.
Anders is the eldest son in the family, trained as a teacher, with a great interest in yarn and people.


On a daily basis, Jesper helps on the farm with all the practical things, including many Icelandic horses with names like Ofeig and Otur, etc. In addition, Jesper runs our two other websites.

Our wool

And then there is the wool, which we think is completely unique and which suits our Nordic temperament. Clothes made of wool are adapted to our Nordic climate, with the lovely warmth that comes from the millions of air pockets that the crimped fibers form in the wool thread. This makes the wool brilliant in being both insulating and able to absorb up to 40 % of water (rain or sweat) without feeling damp. Therefore, long ago it was also natural to use sheep's wool for knitting.

Today, the wool still has these properties, and we ourselves have a diverse 'hot' wardrobe in our country life with children, horses and dogs.

The store

Nordisk Garn is physically located on our farm by Himmelbjerget, close to Ry. In addition to managing our warehouse from here, we also have a physical store.

Opening hours

Tuesday 14.00 – 18.00
Wednesday 14.00 – 18.00
Saturday 10.00 - 14.00

Or call 2859 1412 and we will make an appointment

If you just want to come by and have a no-obligation sniff at Nordisk Garn - you are welcome to do so.

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