404 Mountain for children. Finull and Lamull – Booklet

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In this booklet you will find sweaters and jackets for children in the beautiful mountain pattern.

We retrieved the mountain pattern from the archive and it was originally used on a women's jacket. We think it's so pretty that it deserves a new spring! In these recipes we have used Finull and Lamull, both are made from Norwegian wool that we spin ourselves at the Rauma Ullvarefabrikk.

We have called the patches in Lamull Lillefjell because Lamull is a little thinner than Finull.

In the Mountain pattern, the pattern reports are very large. That is why there is a long jump between some of the sizes. In order to achieve more sizes, we have used different knitting strengths. You can see which sizes are available and which knitting tension is used in the various sizes in the overview on page 26.

Because our Norwegian wool yarns are so airy, they can be knitted fine with different knitting strengths and still give a great result! The garments are also light, warm and durable with super insulating properties.

If you want to knit garments with the Fjell pattern for adults, you will find patterns for women and men in booklet 405.

The recipes are in Norwegian.