423-1 Large and small star


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Big and little star

The star is available in 2 sizes. The little star is a cute Christmas ornament to hang on the Christmas tree, or perhaps on a gift. The large star is perfect for hanging on the door or in a window. The stars are knitted in the round, from the center outwards. First, knit the "middle part" in the front with removals on each side of 5 marker sts. The stitches are then held and the "middle part" at the back is then knitted in the same way. Furthermore, both middle parts are divided into 5 equal parts for tips. A part from the front and a part from the back are then knitted together in the round, while closing off to the tip. The star is filled with wool felt before the last point is finished knitting.

The recipe is in Norwegian.


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Garment measurements (cm)

Small Big
Width 11 21

Yarn amount (grams)

Small Big
Fine wool – Nature – 401 50 50