437 Selbu mittens in Norwegian wool, for women, men and children

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In this booklet you will find classic Selbu mittens in Finull and 2-thread Gammelserie. This is yarn we make ourselves, from 100% Norwegian wool, at our factory in Romsdalen. Selbu patterns are traditional, timeless and beautiful, originating in Selbu. They have an important place in the Norwegian knitting tradition and can be dated all the way back to the 19th century. This booklet contains three different Selbu mittens: "Orange Rose Mitten", "Star Rose Mitten" and "Eight Petal Rose Mitten", all with recipes for children, women and men. In addition, we have made a slightly fun recipe, which we call "Double Glove with Star Rose", a mitten that is nice to have when you want to hold each other's hands.

Finull and 2-thread Gammelserie are both card yarns, and two of Rauma Garn's great prides. Finull is light and airy and has a huge color chart. The 2-thread Gammelserie is a yarn with more twist than Finull, which makes the yarn more durable. They have the same knitting strength and can be used for all recipes.