31-12 Fönn shawl in einband and lettlopi

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Fönn shawl knitted in einband and lettlopi.
An overview of materials and knitting strength is at the bottom of the page

The recipe is sold with my purchase of 3 skeins of yarn

You will find Einband garnet here

Lettlopi yarn you will find here



Material: einband 100 % Icelandic wool running length 50 g = approx. 250 m and lettlopi running length 50 g = approx. 100 m


Knitting pattern: 13 m and 28 rows garter stitch with 1 thread einband on row 7 = 10 x 10 cm

Size one size Size one size
Number of yarn keys length 110 cm
single band 5 width 120 cm
light race 1
7 circular needles 60 or 80 cm
3 circular needles 60 or 80