Kathmandu Polar

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Kathmandu Polar by Linka Neumann

The Katmandu sweater is inspired by the hippie era of the 60s and 70s. Kathmandu was a popular destination for many hippies in the so-called "hippie trails" at this time.

The sweater is knitted in the round, from the bottom up. This jersey should have a room for movement of around 10-15 cm.

Kathmandu Polar is a thick sweater that can be knitted as a sweater with a short or high neck, or as a "Polar hoodie". The Kathmandu Polar hoodie has a hood and extra length on the body, so you are dressed for extra cold winter nights.

You have the option of buying the pattern together with the yarn in a physical printed version, or you can download the pattern.

The recipe is in Danish



 Knit strength
10 cm on needles 7 mm = 14 stitches
(the needle size is only a guide. If you get a knitting strength with more stitches than the required stitch count, you must change to a larger needle size. If you get a knitting strength with fewer stitches than the required stitch count, you must change to a smaller needle size. It is smart to always make a knitting test to check the knitting strength before you start on the garment, as everyone knits differently and if you choose an alternative yarn, it may behave differently).

Troll and/or Blåne from Hillesvåg yarn

Yarn alternatives
Vams from Rauma yarn

Yarn quantity
The specified amount of yarn is for a short neck sweater. For a high neck, add an extra 100 grams of the main color.
For the Kathmandu Polar hoodie (with hood and extra length) add 100 (100) 100 (200) 200 (200) 200 extra grams of the main color.

Main color: 500 (500) 600 (600) 700 (700) 800 grams
Pattern color 1: 100 (100) 100 (100) 200 (200) 200 grams
Pattern color 2: 100 grams all sizes
Pattern color 3: 100 (100) 100 (200) 200 (200) 300 grams
Pattern color 4: 100 grams all sizes

Knitting needles
Double pointed needles 4.5 and 7 mm
Circular needle 40 cm 4.5 and 7 mm
Circular needle 80 cm 4.5 and 7 mm
(Circular needle 80 cm 6 mm for hood)

2 buttons of 22-23 mm for Polar hoodie version.

Measurements XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL) XXXL
Sleeves (from forearm to cuff): 45 (46) 47 (48) 49 (50) 51 cm
Around the sweater: 86 (94) 103 (111) 120 (128) 137 cm
Body length: 40 (41) 42 (43) 44 (45) 46 cm
Body length (Polar hoodie version): 47 (47) 51 (51) 51 (55) 55 cm
Full length: 63 (66) 68 (71) 74 (76) 77 cm
Full length (Polar hoodie version): 70 (72) 77 (79) 81 (86) 86 cm