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Beautiful knitting book in your favorite yarns from Rauma  

In the beautiful book, you will find recipes for the whole year and for all occasions - here is everything from hats and mittens for beginners to soft trousers and beautiful summer tops.

In addition, you will also find more advanced recipes for pattern and structured knitting.

Everything in techniques and with cuts that are deeply rooted in the proud Norwegian craft tradition.

The beautiful book contains over 50 timeless recipes, all of which help to inspire both creative joy and a desire to knit - and the book itself is worthy of a place on the living room table

Language: Danish
ISBN-13: 9788794446402
Binding: Hardback 
Edition: 1
ISBN-10: 8794446407
Ed. Date: 2 Oct 2023
Dimensions: W: 236mm H: 305mm D: 24mm
Publication date: 2 Oct 2023
Author(s): Rauma Yarn