Villahullu – Wild with wool

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Author Heli Nikula


Original title Villahullu – neuleohjeita

Translated by Birgita Bonde Hansen & Anita Culmsee

Binding Hardback


Publication date 2023-10-24

Original language finnish

Villahullu – Wild with wool

The Finnish nature with lake landscapes full of small islands is the starting point for Villahullu's knitting patterns. And then, of course, Icelandic wool. Here are aesthetics for wilderness life and modern interpretations of traditional multicolored knitwear.

Villahullu's knitting patterns are written in simple language and primarily intended for Icelandic wool. All 22 sweaters are knitted from the bottom up and are multicolored.

The book immediately became a bestseller in Finland and has today been sold for publication in several countries. Heli Nikula often stays in her wilderness cabin on an island in the middle of the beautiful Finnish nature, where she gets inspiration for her knitting designs.

Heli Nikula works by day as a real estate agent and has been knitting since she was a child, but her interest in needlework grew to new heights when she was captivated by designing knitting patterns. In one year, her Instagram account @villahullu about knitting and her wilderness cabin became incredibly popular, and today she has more than 90,000 followers.