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Fremstrikk 2023, a knitting magazine from Rauma Garn, is now available in our shop! The magazine contains 6 lovely recipes and interesting reading about knitting designers and their creative processes đŸ€©

The book is in Danish.


We hope you find something to knit!


Fremstrikk is a tribute to everyone who works with, gets involved in and creates something from Norwegian wool.

In Fremstrikk 2023, we get to know knitting designers and the creative process better. We have teamed up with six talented and inspiring designers, all of whom have created a recipe with Fivel. In two of the recipes, Alpaca Silk is used as a trailing thread.



As Karoline Skovgaard Bentsen designed for Fremstrikk, the inspiration came from the yarn. She read about Fivel and the Norwegian wool, and came to the conclusion that the best way to bring out the properties of the wool was with braids and structure. The design has been named Haraboji Cardigan, which is South Korean for grandfather, because it resembles a typical grandfather cardigan.


The background for Spireblousen was to create a garment which Enya Ødegaard even wish she had in her wardrobe when she was pregnant and in the period after. "I have thought for several years that I would like to make a timeless and feminine garment that fits the body through several of life's chapters. Clothes for a changing body, where nothing feels comfortable enough.”

To Forward knitting would Julie EmbrĂ„ make a dress because she thinks there are too few cool dresses on the knitting market, and Julie loves wearing dresses. The dress has been named Laura, named after Laura Dalgaard. "It was so nice to get to know her when we were visiting Romsdalen, so warm and friendly. She made an impression on me. It therefore felt natural to name the pattern after her, as she is also part of Fremstrikk.”

For Fremstrikk has Laura Dalgaard designed Nordic Mix Sweater. A patterned blouse in two colors inspired by traditional knitting from the Nordic countries. "I am primarily inspired by the yarn, i.e. Fivel. I wanted to create a mash-up of different traditional patterns and give it new life.” Laura found old pictures of patterned knit sweaters, which she cut apart and glued back together to make a sweater with different patterns.

As Stine Erikstad had to design for Fremstrikk, she envisioned an oversized sweater with a pattern. She started a sample sheet and thought 'Shit, I got it!', but it was a long time before she picked up the sample sheet again. This is usually a sign that something is wrong. She walked several laps. And then it came loose. It was simple pattern knitting with graphic columns in two colors and two threads. Fivel and Alpaca Silk. She has also designed a pair of trousers and the set has been named the Gloria set.

For Fremstrikk has Tonje Hodne designed Forest Berry sweater. The inspiration for the sweater comes from childhood. Tonje grew up with boats, and the family often went on boat trips in the summer. "I imagine that we will come to an islet where there is forest and blueberries. The sun is high in the sky, it smells like sunscreen and the sea. There is a childlike joy and excitement in the air, and a sea of small, round, blue berries.”