Colorful tour knitting, in Norwegian

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More than just a knitting book!

By Une Cecilie Oksvold

Hardcover book with 20 unique recipes.
The book is in Norwegian

More than just a knitting book!

Join Une Cecilie's world, where nature is her mental respite, and where colorful hiking clothing helps to enrich outdoor life. In this book, you will find recipes for 11 different sweaters and 12 exciting small items of clothing that warm both body and soul, and which will become faithful companions on your small and large adventures. With colorful jumpers, creative knitting and fun zero waste projects, there is something for every taste and skill level. The book also contains a separate technical section, which is a useful reference book if you need help along the way. Not least, there is a wealth of exciting, felted small items of clothing that are both practical and warm when they are out on a trip.

Through small introductory stories to the recipes, Une Cecilie guides us through her journey, about life's ups and downs, and the moments the clothes are inspired by. Via Yrjar to Blossom, to Lofotofolk and Leif we get an insight into her childhood, with anxiety from a young age, to find a sanctuary in nature and deal with new challenges with depression and exhaustion diagnoses. The book is an inspiration in several ways, both to give us color and joy in everyday life with colorful hiking clothes, but also to give us hope to get up again when life happens to us.

"I want to knit my way through the whole book."
Vigdis Meisler

Une Cecilie Oksvold (b.1992) makes colorful walking knitwear in delicious Norwegian wool that warms even on the coldest days. She is a speaker and content producer. On the Instagram account @unececilie, she inspires us to go on small and big adventures outside, and shares openly about mental health and the influence of nature.