Wilderness sweaters for children

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Categories: Needlework
Author: Linka Neumann
ISBN: 9788740699715
Original title:Wilderness jumpers for children
Translated by: Rachel Søgaard
Binding: Hardback
Release date: 2024-04-25
Original language: Norwegian

Wilderness sweaters for children in Danish

Wilderness sweaters for children from Linka Neumann. The book contains recipes for thick and thin sticks for children from 1 to 10 or 12 years.

Here you will find the best-known designs such as Alasuq, Føyka, Tusseladd, Nordkalotten and Hopi. In addition, you will find many new designs. The book shows clothes in different yarns, for different uses, so you can easily choose the yarn that best suits your purpose. Whether it's hard use outside or as a warm and soft sweater that you can throw on when you come in after hours of playing outside.