440-1 Haraboji Cardigan


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440-1 Haraboji Cardigan

Oversized, braids and pure wool characterize Haraboji, which will become a companion for life. You start by knitting from the right sleeve and continue towards the shoulder. Then the back and front pieces are knitted, then the work is gathered again and the left sleeve is knitted. The recipe contains both a written description of this and drawn diagrams.

The recipe is in Danish

440-1 Haraboji Cardigan

Garment measurements (cm)

1 2 3
Oversize 120 130 140
From sleeve to sleeve 146 152 158
Full length 55 57 60

Yarn amount (grams)

1 2 3
Fivel – Nature – 01 700 850 1000

When Karoline Skovgaard Bentsen designed for Fremstrikk, the inspiration came from the yarn. She read about Fivel and the Norwegian wool, and came to the conclusion that the best way to bring out the properties of the wool was with braids and structure. The design has been named Haraboji Cardigan, which is South Korean for grandfather, because it resembles a typical grandfather cardigan.

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Fivel is Rauma's new yarn quality, which is made of 100% Norwegian wool and is produced at Rauma's own factory in Romsdalen.

100 m = 50 g
Knitting tension: 18-16 m = 10 cm
Recommended stick size: 4 – 5